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Sittannavasal Monuments
by Subramanian Swaminathan

February 2008

The Sittannavasal village is 12 kilometers north-west of Pudukkottai, in the Pudukkottai– Annavasal route. One can reach the village and the monuments by taking a diversion from the Pudukkottai-Annavasal road, 2 km before Annavasal to the right. An arch put up by the Government welcomes the visitors to the village.

On the road before one takes a turn to enter Sittannavasal and on the roads leading to the monuments, there are remains of megalithic burial sites. Following this road, off the main road, one reaches the foothills of the hillock at which the road takes a left turn. It is fromhere one starts the climb to the Jaina caverns containing stone beds. Further traveling on the road would take you to the westernslope of the central hillock. From here one makes a short climb of some steps to reach the Jaina cave temple, and its world famousmural paintings. Visitors are suggested to start with the Arivar-koil and then visit the Ezhadippattam.