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Acknowledgment - Contributors to the site

Thanks to the enthusiasts, scholars who have contributed information, photographs to the site. I collected all the other information in the site from books, magazines and the net. Thanks to all these sources.
- Sumathi

N.Rajagopalan, has done the phenomenal work of compling the profiles of composers, musicians and musicologists very painstakingly and very much in depth. I sought his permission to present material from his works - The Garland, Another Garland, Yet Another Garland and The Fragrant Garland. He kindly consented, on Shri S.Rajam's introduction and here I am providing, but a very miniscule portion of his phenomenal work.
Profiles of Artistes, Composers, Musicologists

Prof.Swaminathan is, essentially, an enthusiast, and he has the true teacher's gift of being able to communicate enthusiasm. Whether it be the glories of Sanskrit - barely discernible behind the fog of religious obscurantism - or the technical intricacies of the musical system as it evolved from the Sama-veda to now - or, as in the present instance, the many-splendoured delights of Ajanta, Sitannavasal, Pallava, Pandya monuments, Swaminathan is an excellent companion. Of course there are greater experts, whom one reads with respect. But if one is looking for a knowledgeable companion, someone who will hold one's hand and lead one gently into the wonders - the details, the quirks and oddities, the humour and the humanity - that still survive in those dark caves then, quite simply - he's the man!
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Lakshman has contributed several lyrics of K.N.Dandayudapani Pillai, Ghanam Krishna Iyer, Subbarama Iyer, Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar's compositions.

Padma Mohan Kumar, freelance writer has shared articles on Indian History.
History of India

Dr.Kapilamoorthy has shared several rare illustrations by artistes Vinu, Maniam & Gopulu.  He has taken the trouble to scan and save all these images and offered to feature it in
Illustrations in Tamil publications

Articles on Dance by V.P.Dhananjayan

Articles on Music by S.Rajam, Karaikudi R.Mani, Dr.K.R.SeethaLakshmi, Ludwig Pesch, Sandhyavandanam Madhva Muni Rao

Articles on Hinduism by Venkat, Padmaja Suresh, M.P. Bhattathiry

C.R. Kaushik,Texas, USA
Articles on Hinduism and profiles of musicians

Lalitha Venkat, my colleague, editor of Narthaki, is fond of traveling and photography. She shares her photographs of temples, sculptures and nature.
Photo Gallery

Anku - photographs of Rajastan ; P.S.Pratheep, Laya - Photos of Talakad

Learning Carnatic Music by T.N.Chitra

Anita Ratnam, Artistic Director, Arangham Dance Theatre
For her productions UTPALA...a thousand petals ...a thousand lives (2004) and Framing Five (2008), Anita had collated and printed booklets on the "Lotus flower" and "The Significance of Number 5" to be distributed at the venue. Narthaki, the online dance magazine and Ananda Shankar Jayant distributed a daily handout at the 2008 Natya Kala Conference, also providing information about the Ramayana.

Arangham has begun pioneering work in reviving a tenth century performance art, Kaisiki Natakam, unique to temples in southern Tamil Nadu.

Arayer Sevai, a visual enactment of the passionate expression by Vaishnavite saints which were an integral part of Vishnu worship 1000 years ago, is now confined to a handful of practitioners who themselves are on the threshold of fading away. Arayer Sevai which means 'the service or offering of the royal priests' falls under the category of drama.
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Dance forms of India from

Kolams by Vasantha Jayaraman & Jayalakshmi Kumaravel

Kolams by Lakshmi Raghu & Bharathi Bhaskar

Kolams and Kalam, ritual ground paintings of Kerala by Chantal Jumel

Heritage of the Loom, Weaving Centre, Traditional motifs from Homage to Rukmini Devi, Kalakshetra

Sri Rama Krishna Sharma - Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Useful resources / web sites