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Slokam for destroying all germs
a Verse from the Krishna Yajur veda TaithriIya AaraNyakaa about destroying all germs.

AtriNaa tvaa krime hanmi |
kaNvena Jamadagninaa |
Vishvaavaso brahmaNaa hataha: |
krimeeNaagam raajaa |
apye saag rathapatir hataha: |
atho maataa atho pitaa |
atho o sthuraa atho o kshudraaha: |
atho krishNaa atho o svetaaha: |
atho aasaathikaa hataaha: |
svetaabhis saha sarve hataaha: |
aa haraavadya srutasya haviso yathaha |
tat satyam |
yadamum yamasya jambhayoh: aadadhaami tathaa hi tat |
khan phaN mrasi |
Om Saanti: Saanti: Saanti hi: ||

O germ! I kill you with this manthra revealed by Rishis Athri, Kanva and Jamadagni.
Through this manthra, the leader of the germs, a Gandharva is killed by Vishvaasu.
The rest of the leaders of the germ clan will also be similarly killed.
The mother and father of the germs are destroyed.
All types of germs, whether big or small, black or white are also killed.
The germs lying within the bodies of animals like cows and horses are killed.
We offer Havis during Homaas at the Yaagashaala for our protection.
Likewise, this manthra keeps all our germ enemies stuck within Yamaa’s teeth. The crushing sound of them being killed in his mouth can be heard.
Om Peace Peace Peace ||

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