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The Margazhi festival was started way back in 1927, as an event to commemorate with the founding of Madras Music Academy in the month of December. This event was widely accepted and patronised by the public at large, due to various reasons, prominent among which are possibly, that it is a cool time in the otherwise hot and sultry city and secondly it is holiday time. This culture was adopted by various other sabhas that hold art festivals in different parts of the city.

According to an analysis by the 'Sruti' magazine,
* Fifty-three organisations conducted 60 festivals in a period of 117 days.
* They presented a total of 1604 music and dance performances in this period.
* The total included 134 music concerts and 280 dance performances.

Possibly nowhere else in the world so many organisations conduct so many festivals offering so many music and dance performances in so short a period of time.