Saint Thyagaraja's
Ghana Raga Pancharatnams
Ragam - Gowlai ; Talam - Adi3; 15th Mela Janyam

Which prince will protect, me who does bad things !

I keep on doing bad things every minute !

1. Oh moon that blossoms the lilly heart of Goddess Lakshmi ! Oh God you are not understood by heart and words.

2. I did not realise the fact that you reside in all things.

3. Right from my young age I did bad things without praying you and enjoying your grace.

4. I filled my stomach by deceiving others and desirous of others' possession.

5. I spent my days thinking that comfortable living is the only use of this worldly life.

6. I preached dancers without knowledge, evil spirits, low people, women with the idea of attracting them and was very happy. I knew nothing about swara and laya and was proud with the thought that I was equal to the best baktha.

7. Oh Lord of Lords ! I forgot to pray your lotus feet and I believed only in worldly things like women, house, children, employees and wealth.

8. I did not meditate on your beautiful face. I went behind wild men, lived hopelessly. I could not leave my evil desires. I always did bad things and was filled with bad thoughts.

9. I did not realise that human birth is a boon. I became slave to madness, jealousy, kama, miserliness & desires. Even though I was born in a good family, I carried on bad deeds. To fulfill my evil desires I did bad things.

10. I spent my time on women, money and wealth. Oh beloved of Tyagaraja ! which prince will come to rescue a person like me?

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