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Madras (Chennai) December Music Season

January 2018
Documentation of Nagaswara tradition in Vaishnavite Temples by Lalitharam

Drawing from the treasures of ancient India, Kaashi Arts was set up in 2015 with the object of curating the finest in the Indian Classical Arts.

Shehnai - The Heart Of North Indian Wedding Music

Wedding Music In South India - Nadaswaram & Thavil

Yarl Technologies introduces the DGTAL Carnatic electronic Metronome for South Indian or Carnatic Music lovers that plays all the 35 Thalams (SOOLATHI).

Certified online course conducted by Bombay Jayashri Ramnath at
Rhythms and Patterns with Notes in Carnatic Music
Rhythm and note patterns adorn Carnatic music, one of the richest forms of Indian Classical music. This certified online course - one of the first in the series of Carnatic Music Appreciation courses - offered by the renowned musician, Bombay Jayashri Ramnath, deals with these patterns that beautify Carnatic music. This set of lessons will serve as a good introduction to Carnatic music through the window of talams and the basic structure of those talams, learnt through swarams. This enriching online course is available for everyone who is keen on perceiving music aesthetically.

The course will be handled through video lectures. Videos are released in a systematic manner so that participants can stay in step with the class. Participants can discuss in Course circles and share their understanding.!/course/145252/coursehome/

Twaang is a digital distribution platform & mobile music library for Indian music lovers around the world. Twaang provides legal, high quality music on-demand, on-the-move and brings the largest collection of eclectic "Indian Music" across genres to smartphones.

Carnatic, Hindustani, classical, Fusion, Contemporary, Live Concert Recordings and more. Twaang is currently tied up with 44+ record labels and a number of independent musicians/artists like Shubha Mudgal, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Zakir Hussain, Sudha Ragunathan, Ronu Majumdar, Ganesh/Kumaresh, Pravin Godkhindi, Aruna Sairam etc. Twaang also serves as a launch/promotion pad for new artists, helping them promote their music. The app is currently available for Android based smartphones, iPhones and on Amazon Kindle.

Music composed and rendered by Dr.Raghunath Pani

Sri Geetagovinda, Matri sahashranama : names in praise of the Divine mother, Ma-meera-aravinda vandana : songs in praise of Mother and Sri Aurobindo (mostly lyrics and music by the singer)

Traditional Odia songs, mostly Jaganatha Bhajans, (for some songs music has been set by the singer)

Vishwamohini Melody Player : Easiest, Smartest, and Fastest way to  Write, play & share Indian classical music

Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi

Music Academy unveils a treasure
One thousand hours of digitised music available in its archives.
Talking about the long journey towards forming his collection, Mr. Chari said: “Collectors of music are a peculiar lot. They form a closed circle and do not allow others to get in.” Over three decades he convinced various guardians to part with their gems and managed a collection of around 6,000 hours of music. “It was equally difficult to index all of it,” he said, a task in which his brother R.V. Gopalan helped. The Tag Corporation bore the cost of the equipment and facilities of the library.



Information on Sitar, its origin, history and famous sitar players

Dealers of musical instruments from India; specialized in sitar, surbahar and rudra veena

Learning / Schools

Carnatic Music e-learning
Large database of downloadable Carnatic Music audio/video Lessons taught by maestros such as Tanjavur Shankara Iyer, Shri RK Shrikantan, Chitravina N Ravikiran and many others from basic to advanced levels.

Tyagaraja's Bhajana Marga krtis as taught by Chitravina N Ravikiran. The krtis are apt for students of all levels and is a great introduction to rakti ragas such as Bhairavi, Asaveri, Yadukulakhamboji and many others. The simple repetitive pattern of the refrains in these compositions lends itself to easy learning and practice.
List of Compositions in Tyagaraja's Bhajana Marga Series
1. Shambo shiva – Shankarabharanam – Tyagaraja
2. Samayamu telisi – Asaveri – Tyagaraja
3. Rara raghuveera - Athana - Tyagaraja
4. Rama pahi - Kapi - Tyagaraja
5. Rama namam bhajare - Madhyamavati - Tyagaraja
6. Rama kodandarama - Bhairavi - Tyagaraja
7. Meluko dayanidhi - Sowrashtra - Tyagaraja
8. Haridasulu vedale - Yamunakalyani- Tyagaraja
9. Emani vegintune - Huseni - Tyagaraja
10. Chelimini jalajakshi - Yadukulakambhodhi - Tyagaraja
11. Bhajare raghuveeram - Kalyani - Tyagaraja

A new website has just been launched for the benefit of music lovers, students, musicians and teachers of South Indian classical music. Its foremost objective is to contribute to a meaningful exchange of ideas, expertise and resources in the field of South Indian classical music through e-learning. The course author and tutor, Ludwig Pesch, is a practicing musician and educationist.

Profiles / Artistes
A.P.Paraman Bhagavathar, Ayalur, Palakkad

A comprehensive website on the life and music of Swathi Thirunal

Banni Bai - A storyteller's centenary
Sriram Venkatakrishnan (email:, The Hindu, October 27, 2011

Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam

Pia Srinivasan's Home Page

OCEAN "an excellence group of art" - an organisation involved in promoting Indian culture and arts

General / Information

The Garland, Another Garland, Yet Another Garland and The Fragrant Garland
by Mr.N.Rajagopalan

The post Thyagaraja period saw the blooming of many eminent composers who have enriched Carnatic music. Among them Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar is one of the most distinguished, his contribution being unique. To create an awareness, to perpetuate his memory and to propagate his music among music lovers, his descendants have created this trust.
about South Indian classical music & dance

Hamsadhwani has released their 1st fusion album
Click here for the profile and to listen to the Album songs

Turya Classical is a fine blend between east and west, a musical intercultural project from Romania dedicated to spread Classical Music on string instruments. It was created by Victor Marius Beliciu and Anne Marie Ene in 2008. The music is a fusion of two cultures, Indian Classical Music and Western Classical Music. Turya Classical offers an authentical music presented at its purest form on instruments like violin, sitar, swarmandal, tanpura and tabla.

Beliciu Victor Marius is a Romanian sitarist belonging to the Senia Gharana tradition. Trained initially in Budapest, Hungary under professor Andras Kozma, he was fortunate to learn from the World Renowned sitar maestro, Pandit Debu Chaudhuri, the great legend of the Senia Tradition, which has been named after Mian Tansen the doyen of the Indian Classical Music.

Anne Marie Ene, graduated with a diploma in violin and toured Europe extensivley. Since 1996, she has made India her home in order to acquire a deeper understanding of Indian Culture and studied with Joy Shrivastava and Swarna Khuntia.

Listen to songs (Carnatic music) by VK Raman

Yazh Sudhakar's blog archive
Available in the site - his Tamil kavidhais, interviews, rare photographs of music geniuses in the Tamil film world.

Programs by Yazh Sudhakar
Ilangai Vaanoli Ninaivalaigal 1

Ilangai Vaanoli Ninaivalaigal 2

Paattukku Oru Thalaivar TMS 1

Ennai sethukkiya mgr paadalkal part 1

Ennai sethukkiya mgr paadalkal part 2

Ennai sethukkiya mgr paadalkal part 3

Paadumnilaa Baalaa


Royalty Free Music
Royalty free music downloads, premium production music library, royalty free sound effects. Listen online, purchase and download music and sound effects instantly. Free loops and sounds.

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