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May 2024
Alpona or Alpana, a traditional art form of decoration using rice flour on the floor and walls that originated in Bengal

Nov 2023
Manufacturer and provider of divine Art paintings, prints and Artifact

Oct  2021
Free portal for artists to showcase and sell artwork of non-commercial or home-based artist

Sep 2021
Indian History and Architecture

May 2020
Kerala Murals by Vishnu

May 2020
Kala Kshetram
The sacred art as an offering to the Gods, and joy of men

May 2020
historyreads, an informative site for rediscovering art from the past!
Articles posted by Soma Ghosh

Jan 2020
high-quality handcrafted products from India

May 2019
Learn and sharpen your hobbies. ipassio lets you learn hobbies online directly from world-class teachers - it's personalized, live and structured.

Mar 2017
Divyakala - Art inspired by the divine
Drdha Vrata Gorrick is an artist who lives and works in Mayapur, India. Born and raised in the US and trained in the traditional arts in South India, Drdha brings the best of both worlds to his creative practice. His work infuses new life into devotional art by combining religious styles from different parts of India while staying within a Vedic tradition.

Dec 2016
Indian artist Kirti Khatri practices the art of paper cutting.

Feb 2016
Studio Pottery in Kala Ghoda Festival - Padma Jayaraj,

Feb 2016
India Art Festival at Delhi, ; Photos: Anoop Arora

Oct 2011
Listing of coaching classes and vocational training institutes

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Exporters and suppliers of Bronze handicrafts, Wood carvings, Semi-Precious Stone handicrafts and Rudrakshas

Lord Jagannath, 3D Street art by Cityzenkane


Pooja items
Mantra Gold Coatings - Smart Creations initiative
24 Karat Gold Coating Services and Gold coated products, gifts, artefacts and accessories.

Giri Trading Agency

Temples/ Sculptures / Carvings
Dancing figures from the temple cars of South India by Dr. Susil Pani, Pondicherry

Rediscovering the sculptural legacy of Shivas of the south
- Veejay Sai, The News Minute, 5 March 2016

Exploration of Indian Heritage and Culture in various aspects by Dokka Srinivasu

Pencil carving by Snehalatha Prithiviraj

Elephants in Art, Architecture and History of Orissa
By Debabrata Swain

Temple Architecture
website of the sthapathis K.P.Veezhinatha Acharya & K.P.Umapathy Acharya

….lets give new life to these stones…for they are not just stones…but centuries of knowledge handed down from generation to the next, coursing through the viens of a master sculpture… Vijay on Retrieving Thousands of artifacts

Sculptures by Vineesh Vijayan

India - Paintings
Jul 2022
Tanjore Paintings, Tanjore Art Plates & Shields, Brass Lamps, Wood Carved Statues, Handicrafts

Jan 2021
Miniature Paintings of India - Explore the Delicacy and Detailing of Art
by Kapil Gurjargour, Art Udaipur

Jan 2021
Indian Art Zone - Everyone can find something they will love, from graffiti, street art to fine art; from small to giant artwork.

Dec 20
Jay Varma , mostly a self-taught artist who combines a dramatic sense of colour with extraordinary detail, continues a rich history of artistic tradition, skill and reputation through several generations of his family. Begun by Raja Ravi Varma and continued by Rukmini Varma, humanist realism and its inherent poetry has been a constant inspiration for him.

Dec 20
Exquisite Artworks From Last 35 Years

Oct 20
The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation
Dr.Bks Varma, a painter from Bangalore,  trained by AN Subbarao Kalamandir, Bangalore and ACH Acharya a sculptor from Devenahalli
Kerala Fine Arts - Murals - Chitramathil or the Wall of Cement Murals is on the walls of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, and a small hamlet in Ernakulam District of Kerala, India and also the birthplace of Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya. It was a masterpiece creation of artist K.K.Suresh. It is 1200x 5 ft. long, unique compound wall around university campus depicting various themes from Hindu Mythology and Puranas. It received an entry in the Limca Book of Records (ref. Pg.93) for being the longest Mural Wall.

The rhythms of rural India
- Padma Jayaraj
We are familiar with different Indias: technological India, heritage sites, or physical features highlighting its natural wonders: its water world, its mountain terrains, deserts and coastal plains. The sights are many. The diversity of its ethnicity also is remarkable. There is a need to carry this reality which is the roots and strength of India in our consciousness as we march on, in time. Suresh Khot, a product of J.J. School of Art, is projecting a charming face of India in all its simplicity and beauty. He is a freelance painter who has done solo-shows in India’s metros.

SURANGI, his painting exhibition (October 18 to 24, 2016) at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, is a testimony to his mission: paying tribute to a land still antique in its rural rhythms.

Geeta Vadhera -

Mahatta Gallery
You can contribute at

Indian Art & Paintings - Buy art online

Dancing hues: A painted feature on dance
- Padma Jayaraj,, 15 Sep 2016
Dancing Hues by Nirupama Ramesh was a unique show that exhibited a series of paintings done by her on dance, in Lalitkala Akademi Hall, Thrissur, Kerala.

MFPA - supporting disabled artists since 1956
The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association is an international registered society of disabled artists who paint with their mouth or feet due to a disability that prevents the use of their hands. Over the last 60 years, this Association has brought to the forefront, the aesthetic creations of its' disabled artists by providing them a platform to express their artistic talent. Instilling a sense of freedom and dignity, MFPA offers its members an opportunity to earn an independent, honest and secure livelihood through the sale of their artwork.

Bheenth Chitra – tribal wall art

Select artists come together as the Artistes Collective to exhibit and raise funds for Uttarakhand - a collection of some excellent works for a cause. At the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.
Photos: Anoop Arora

Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery by Vivek Vasanth Nimbalkar, a Pune-based artist

Collection of Raja Ravi Varma's prints, lithographs and oleographs

Jun 2015
Barman Arts Online
promotes contemporary Indian painters and artists
Masters Collection Art Gallery - Masters Collection is a 10 year old art gallery based in Kolkata. The gallery offers selected contemporary Indian art of renowned & emerging artists from India, a website that offers wide information about the beautiful art of colors - Philosophy of Painting, Famous Paintings, Painters, Painting Styles, Painting Materials.
Sanatan Society is an association of students of the late Harish Johari, joining efforts to promote his teachings of Hindu philosophy, yoga, tantra, worship and love. Harish Johari was a successful author, a gifted painter and sculptor, a lifetime scholar, an inspiring teacher, a splendid cook, an ayurvedic massage miracle, a wonderful chanter of mantras and a unique composer of Indian music. He is the inspiration for the entire sanatan society project and the painting tradition that is predominant in the site, which is justly named the Harish Johari Painting Tradition.

Painitings / Reproductions / Sculpture / Protraits / Posters / Prints / Stock photos

A gallery of Pallava art
by Geeta Padmanbhan, The Hindu, 9 June 2015

Sculpture Saga
Portrait Painting and Oil Painting Reproduction Service

Fine Art Reproductions Hand Painted in Oil on Canvas

Paintings Online - Original Paintings and Art Reproductions at

Giovanni Antonio Canal (Venice, Republic of Venice, October 28, 1697 – April 19, 1768, Venice), better known as Canaletto, was a Venetian artist famous for his landscapes, or vedute, of Venice. He was also an important printmaker in etching.

The complete works by Jan Matejko - Biography, more than 60 images of paintings, eCards

"Montableau Gallery" - Fine Art Oil painting Reproductions

Digital Caricatures
creates your caricatures and portraits from photo digitally, so as to give you faster and clean output at an affordable price.

The Magical World of Horses
Horse art gallery and short stories by Suzana Stojanovic Suza, an equine artist and a writer. Unique and original photorealistic artwork created in various techniques including oil on canvas paintings, pastels and pencil drawings of horses, Arabian horse portraits, landscapes, people. Enigmatic short stories about life based on different life experience, temptations, events, myths, legends, mysteries and fairy tales.

Oil Painting On Canvas by Mekdam Nima, a Canadian contemporary artist
His oil paintings are inspired by his love of life, people, and landscape.

GoGraph Stocks Photography
GoGraph offers flexible royalty free stock photography, vectors, illustrations, graphics, and stock footage at low prices.
High-quality images to creative professionals for use in their designs and presentations.
FreeArt provides free small art prints of over 26 Million images! For a shipping fee of just $1.99 you will receive a high-quality art print.

Can Stock Photography - royalty free stock photos

Bare Walls - Posters and Prints

Textiles / Embroidery

Jayanth Kalamkari designs
Manufacturer and wholesaler of pure vegetable print kalamkari sarees, fabrics, dress materials, kurtis, patch work kurtis and sarees, shawls, bedsheets, table cloths, door curtains, wall panels - non chemical and easy to maintain, long lasting and color fast.

Kairali Exports
Ayurvedic Herbal Farm and Handloom Center

Threads of creativity
Ari embroidery is a way of life for many village dwellers in Sriperumbudur. A look at the craft and its creators.
The Hindu, Friday, Jun 18, 2010

Sukra Jewellery
Showroom at Mylapore, Chennai dealing in temple jewellery, silver and anitque jewellery, silver gift and pooja articles., a site on gemology - gemstones, precious & semi-precious stones, rocks used in jewelry.

Gemstone & Jewelry Resources
Jewelry information site

Kolams / Rangolis