Navarathiri Golu at Parthasarathy temple
organised by Sumukhi Foundation, Sponsored by Smart Creations

Oct 2010

The ashta dikku "Thiru Allikeni Alankara Kolu" was arranged by the Mylapore trio at the Parthasarathy temple. Ashta - eight ; dikku - direction ; Alli - pink half open water lily ; alankara - beautiful, decorated ; kolu - traditional display of dolls during Navarathiri.

The Parthasarathy temple is located at Thiruvallikeni. Keni - pond. The theme was "Sri Vaishnavam", following the stipulations laid down by the temple priests.

The Mylapore trio, S.Amaranth, S.Surendranath and S.Aparna decided to create the golu arrangement in the form of a mandapam topped by a golden vimanam in a lily tank. The floor of the enclosure was covered with a specially printed sheet showing water with ripples. The artificial lily flowers, the cement steps leading to the pond painted with white & kavi stripes showed that the trio had taken trouble to replicate details. On the enclosure wall of the tank were glowing electric lights fitted in mud agals (lamps).

The dolls were arranged on steps facing eight directions, with 7 steps in all the four main directions and three steps at the intersections with a golden vimanam at the top. The dolls in each direction coincided with the vigrahams placed in the temple. The top-most step on the four sides had huge idols of Lord Narasimha, Viswaroopa darisanam, Parthasarathi and the three sakthis. The lowermost step in every direction displayed the Ashta Lakshmis. Various religious tales were displayed.

The dolls ranged in size from a few inches to about 2-3 feet and were made of clay, papier mache, plaster of paris, metal, fibre. The dolls were hand picked by the trio - they went hunting to all the major shops in Chennai and also visited a few other towns to gather appropriate dolls.

On side tables were placed idols of Ganehsa & Venkateshwara.
Apart from the main golu on steps, the adjoining mandapam space was also artistically used up to display huge idols and interesting scenes in three sections. In the first section were idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana & Hanuman ; standing Krishna leaning on a cow, Krishna with gopis, Meera. The second section depicted the levels of moksham - All the alwars in one step, Sorga vasal in the 2nd & Vaikuntam at the top level ; in the third section could be seen huge idols of Vishnu, Andal against the background of the Srirangam gopuram and a seated Krishna with a cow and calf. Specially created appropriate posters formed the backdrop in each section. Krishna with gopikas in the first, sky backdrop for the second and Krishna with cowherds and cows for the third section.
Smart Creations had sponsored the golu and they also had on display several of their gold plated & silver items.
The photographs will reveal the size & grandeur of this temple golu.
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