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108 Divya Desams

Thiruvattaaru is situated about 6 miles from Thoduvetti, which can be reached by bus in the Thiruvananthapuram Nagercoil route. This temple is similar to the Thiruvananthapuram temole. There are three entrances through which devotees get the darshan of the Lords' face, body and feet. There are huge praakaarams and a Krishna idol.

The Lord is said to have destroyed the asura Aadikesi who was disturbing the rishis & devas. The asura's wife, Aasoori prayed to the river Ganges for help. The river Ganges along with the Taamirabarani river rushed as a flood, but the Lord made the land rise as a hill. The two rivers went around the hill in a circle (vattam) like a garland and hence the name Thiruvattaaru to this sthalam. Since the Lord vanquished the asura Aadikesi, he is known by the naamam Aadikesava Perumaal. The spot where the rivers split is called Moovaathu Mugam / Thodhai Pirali.

The Moolavar is Aadikesava Perumal seen in bujanga sayanam posture facing west.

Thaayaar - Maragadavalli Naachiyaar.

Theertham - Kadalvaai Theertham, Vattaaru, Raama Theertham.

Nammalwar - 3722-3732.

Total of 11 Paasurams