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108 Divya Desams

Thiruvananthapuram temple is situated about 1 mile from the Tiruvananthapuram station on the Chennai - Thiruvananthapuram rail route.

The Moolavar is Ananthapadmanaabhan seen in bujangasayanam posture facing east. The vigraham is so huge that there are three entrances through which devotees get the darshan of the Lords' face, body and feet. In the south praakaaram is an idol of Yoga Narasimhar. There is a Hanuman idol in front of the sannadhi and Krishna idol behind the sannadhi.

Thaayaar - Srihari Lakshmi.

Theertham - Matsya Theertham, Padma Theertham, Varraha Theertham.

Nammalwar - 3678 - 3688.

Total of 11 Paasurams