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108 Divya Desams

Thirukaatkarai can be reached from the Aalavaai - Tiruchur route, about 9 miles from the Irugyalakodi or Angamaali station in this route.

The Moolavar is Kaatkaraiyappan seen in standing posture facing south. There is a belief in the region that this Lord is Vaamanar & hence there is great celebrations here during Onam festival.

The plantain trees in this thalam would not yield fruits & the farmer prayed to this Lord & offered plantains in gold. Ever since there was good yeild of large sweet plantains & it is beleived that these are the Nendram fruits popular in Kerala. This gold fruit in the sannadhi went missing & the farmer doubted and troubled a yogi. But, it was finally found in the sannadhi itself. The yogi committted suicide & was considered to be roaming the area as a Brahma Rakshasan. Devotees built a small temple for the yogi & offered him daily neivaediyam to appease him.

Thaayaar - Perunchelvanaayagi, Vaatsalyavalli.

Theertham - Kabila Theertham.

Nammalwar - 3612-3622.

Total of 11 Paasurams