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108 Divya Desams
Thirusingavel Kundram

The temple is located about 55 miles from Cudappah on the Chennai - Mumbai route.

The Moolavar is Prahlaadavaradan, Lakshmi Narasimhan seen in seated posture facing east. The utsavar murtis - Maalola Narasimhar & 8 other murtis.

Thaayaar - Amruthavalli, Senchulakshmii

Theertham - Indra, Nrusimha, Paapanaasa, Gaja, Bargava Theerthams.

Ahobila Narasimhar
There is a cave temple on top of the hill about 6 miles from Ahobilam. The Moolavar here is Ahobila Narasimhar. The utsavar is Rama.

Thaayaar - Lakshmi

Theertham - Bavanaasini.
As you climb further uphill along the banks of bavanasini you can reach the Varahanarasimha temple & further uphill on a steep hill Maalola Narasimhan gives darshan in a small sannadhi. It is believed that the pillar from which Lord Narasimha broke out can be seen two miles from this spot. The route to get the darshan of Jwaala Narasimhan & to reach these places, a guide is necessary.

Thirumangaialwar - 1008 - 1017

Total of 10 Paasurams