108 Divya Desams
Thiru Kannapuram
The temple is located near Nannilam.

The Moolavar is Neelamega Perumal, Souri Raajan seen in standing posture facing east with Varada Hastam, Prayoga Chakram. Next to Ubaya Naachiyaar is Andal on the left & Padmavathi on the right. This is the sthalam at which Thirumangaialwar got Thirumandira Upadesam. The Lord's hair started growing to protect the words of Rangapattar (a devotee) to the Chola king & hence the name Souri Rajan to the Lord. The asuran Veekadakshan was slayed by the Lord with his Chakraayudham & on the request of maharishis is seen in Prayoga Chakram pose. Munayadarar was a devotee of the Lord. One day he came to the temple with pongal prasadam that his wife had made. But he was too late & the temple was closed. He prayed sincerely to the Lord. Pleased with his sincerity, the Lord accepted his prasadam & the temple was filled with the smell of Venn Pongal & the temple bells started ringing. Ever since, it has been the habit to do Ardhajaama naivediyam & this is called Muniyodharaya Pongal.

Thaayaar - Kannapuranayagi (Sridevi, Boodevi, Aandaal, Padmini).

Theertham - Nithyapushkarini

Perialwar - 71
Andaal - 535
Kulasekaralwar - 719-729
Thirumangaialwar - 1648-1747, 2067, 2078, 2673, 2674
Nammalwar - 3656 - 3666

Total of 128 Paasurams.

108 Vaishnava Divya Desangal