Sittannavasal Monuments
by Subramanian Swaminathan


The Navach-chunai is a tarn situated on the eastern slope of central part of the rocky hillock. It is about one kilometer north of the Ezhadippattam, at a somewhat lower level than it. Reaching there requires a lot of rock-climbing and trekking and would need somebody to guide. 
naval-maram or jambu tree near the tarn
The submerged cave temple of Jambunatha
The pool takes its name from a naval-maram or jambu tree (Syzygium jambolanum) close by.  Like the Talai-aruvisingam, tarn of Narttamalai (on the Mela-malai), this contains inside, a submerged rock-cut shrine. Stylistically it is a late Pandya temple (13th century AD). It contains a Siva lingam in the centre and a narrow passage to walk round. The water is occasionally baled out, and the lingam worshipped. This is 
locally called the Jambunatha's cave.  

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