Places of interest in Tamilnadu
Thanjavur, located 335kms from Chennai 55 km east of Trichy)is also known as Tanjur. Thanjavur is the headquarters of the district of Thanjavur. It is considered the rice bowl of Tamilnadu.

This place was once the capital of the Chola kings from the 10th to the 14th century. Thanjavur has had a splendid past. In and around it were born many an illustrious god-men, who heightened the glory of our sacred land, by establishing and propagating the diverse creeds of Hindu Dharma. It was the centre of enlightening forums famous for holding several remarkable mellifluent concerts and literary contests.

The Chola kings were great patrons of the Tamil language, various art forms as well as great temple builders. There are close to 74 temples built during their time in and around Thanjavur.

It is famous for various art and craft items such as papiermache dolls (Thalayatti bommai for children), Thanjavur Plates (with sombu, coconut), brass and bronze idols, bowls, vessels. It is also famous for silk, carpets, jewellery and musical instruments such as the veena, tambura and mridangam.

Brihadeeswarar Temple
The Brihadeeswarar temple, an imposing structure was built by Raja Raja Chola I. He had conquered the Chera, Pandya kings & also crossed the oceans to gain victory over many overseas lands. Impressed by the huge magnificent temples & idols of Buddha, he dreamt of erecting a massive temple in his native land for Lord Siva. This temple is also called by various other names such as Rajarajeswaram, Perivudayar Koil, Adavallan Koil, Peria Koil.
Photographs of the Brihadeeswarar Temple

Mariamman Temple
The Mariamman temple is located 6kms from Thanjavur.

Tanjavur Palace
This vast palace, also known as the Great Fort was built by the Nayaks around 1550 and the Marathas. Beyond the ditch inside the fort is the palace built by King Vujaya Raghava Nayakkar. There are two towers in this palace, one of which was used to store weapons & to keep watch on enemy approach. From the other tower the king offered obeisance to the deity of Srirangam Rangaswami.

Art Gallery
The Art Gallery was started in 1951 and is located in the Audience Hall or the Durbar Hall of the palace. On display are the bronze and granite sculptures of the Chola period from the 9th to 12th century.

Saraswathi Mahal Library
The Maharaja Serfoji's Saraswati Mahal Library is located in the palace.
There are over 30,000 palm leaf and paper manuscripts on different subjects such as science, medicine, engineering, astronomy, painting, dancing, etc. in various languages such as Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and some European languages. Around 8,000 of these are on palm leaves. This is the result of the efforts of the Nayak and Maratha rulers for over 300 years. This palace library was originally developed by the Nayak rulers.

The Maratha rulers especially Raja Serfoji made a major contribution, organising a massive collection of good books.

Hall of Music
The Sangeetha Mahal or the Hall of Music is located in the first floor of the Palace. This is a fine auditorium with perfect acoustics, revealing the engineering skill of the ancient builders.

Tanjur painting


Places of interest in Tamilnadu

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