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Kodaikanal, also known as Kodai is a hill resort situated 120 kms from Madurai, near the Palani hills, an offshoot of the Western Ghats. The best season is in April-June & September-October.

The pride of Kodai is the kurinji flower which blooms once in 12 years.

The Lake
The main attraction is the star shaped lake, with several spots for picnicking on the banks. There is fishing and boating facilities and also one can hire horses to ride around the lake.

Bryant Park
This paradise of flowers is located to the east of the lake.

Solar Physical Laboratory
This observatory built in 1899 is located at the highest point in Kodai, 3.2 kms from the lake, 850 feet above the lake.

Silver Cascade
The Silver Cascade falls is located on the ghat road to Madurai 8 kms from Kodai. 5 kms from the town below the observatory is the Fairy Falls, Bearshola Falls and Glane Falls.

Shenbaganur Museum
This museum is located 5.5 kms from the lake. This museum for flora, fauna and archaeological remains is maintained by the Sacred Heart College. One of the best ochidariums, with around 300 species of orchids (and other plants of the Palani hills) is also located here.

Pillar Rocks
Three rocks - cliff faces resembling pillars juts into the sky to a height of about 400 ft. Located 7 kms from the lake, it serves as a viewpoint for the plains below.

Green Valley View
Located 5 kms from the lake, this was originally known as Suicide Point. There is a great view of the plains below & the Vaigai dam from here. There is a golf course nearby, where visitors can use the course as temporary members.

Coaker's Walk
Coaker's walk, a km from the lake, running along a steep wooded slope with a picturesque view of the plains below is named after Lt.Coaker who prepared the map for Kodai. There is a telescope house here to view the valley & plains through a telescope.

Kurinji Andavar Temple
This temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga & is located 3.2 kms from the lake.
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