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Shore Temple
The shore temple is located at the sea shore and has withstood the ravages of the sea. Unlike the rock cut structures in Mamallapuam, this is a structural temple, built by Rajasimha out of hard blackish leptinite. This shrine is dedicated to both Siva and Vishnu. There are two vimanas, Ksatriyasimheswara facing east and the smaller Rajasimheswara facing west dedicated to Lord Siva. The Vishnu griha is a mandapa between these two called the Narapatisimha Pallava Vishnugriha. The names of these shrines are the various titles of Rajasimha.
The shrines have a square lower storey and a pyraidal superstructure. The tower is more tapering than the monolithic structures.A sixteen sided polished Siva Linga - in the bigger shrine. There are Somaskanda panels in the rear walls of the Siva shrines.

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Places of interest in Tamilnadu

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