Places of interest in Tamilnadu
Text & Photographs by Lalitha Venkat

The Sri Naganathaswamy Temple at Thirunageswaram is a Shiva shrine, situated about 5 km from Kumbakonam. His consort is Giri Gujambika who is enshrined with Lakshmi and and Saraswathi by Her side.

Rahu worshipped the Lord here on a Sivaratri day to redeem himself from the curse of a rishi. Sundays are very auspicious and devotees perform milk abhishekham to Rahu, who is enshrined with his consorts. The milk is supposed to turn blue on being poured over the idol.

A dip in the Soola Theertham is said to cure one of diseases and give prosperity.

Places of interest in Kumbakonam
Places of interest in Tamilnadu

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