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Kanyakumari, also known as Cape Comorin is located at the southern most tip of India, where the Bay of Bengal, Indian OCean & Arabian Sea meet. A dip in the ocean here is considered holy, but the sea is rough here and not fit for bathing. This is the only place in India, where the sun set and moon rise can be viewed simultaneously on a full moon day.

Kanyakumari Temple
Kanyakumari is known by the name of the virgin Goddess Parvati who was to have wed Lord Siva. In one of her incarnations, Parvathi Devi was born as Kanyakumari Devi. She performed penance to wed Lord Siva. The asura king Bana, had gained the boon that he could be killed only by a virgin girl and this was the reason for this incarnation of Devi. Arrangements were made for the wedding and Siva had started from the nearby Thanumalayan Temple at Suchindram. The Devas had to stop the wedding from taking place, if the Devi was to kill the asura. So they tricked Lord Siva by crowing like a cock. Lord Siva, believing that the auspicious time had passed returned to Suchindram. The Devi vowed to remain a virgin and thus was able to kill the asura Bana. The rice that was to be used for the wedding is said to be scattered as the seven different coloured sands at the beach.

There is a story about the nose ring once worn by the Goddess. It was a naga mani (from a cobra) and was so bright that some ships were misguided and shipwrecked near the shore. This stone is not available now, but the eastern gate to the temple is still closed except during festival days. Devotees enter the temple through the northern gate. Two diamond nose rings donated by the Maharajah of Trivandrum adorns the idol of the Devi now who is covered in sandal paste.

Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial
Two rocks reach out of the ocean, south-east of the Kumari Amman temple. One of these is Sri Padaparai, where the footprints of the virgin goddess are to be seen. Swami Vivekananda sat in meditation on this rock before his journey to the West to spread Hinduism in 1892. The Memorial to Swami Vivekananda was built here in 1970. There is a meditation hall and the polished floors reflect the image of the statue of Vivekananda. The sacred 'OM' is glowing in green on the wall.

Sri Padaparai (Padam-feet; Parai - rock) Mandapam is a shrine erected at the spot where the foot print of the Goddess is seen.

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial
This memorial to the Mahatma was erected at the spot where his ashes were kept for public view before immersion in the sea. The memorial is so constructed that every year on October 2nd, On gandhiji's birthday, the sun's rays falls on the exact spot where the urn was displayed.

Lady of Ransom church
  A tall white beautiful structure.

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