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This area was once reigned by the brave Hammir during the period of Alauddin Khilji. The 13th century fort is a rough and rugged structure. Ranthombhor served as a guradian for the Rajput kingdoms further west in the heart of Rajasthan. The fort can be reached only by climbing a sttep incline of roughly hewn steps on the rock. The fort was besieged by Alauddin Khilji for one year in 1301. Rao Hammir, the Chauhan ruler then put up a brave fight, but was finally defeated and the women of Ranthambhor commited jauhar.

The nearest town Sawaimadhopur is about 12 kms away. To preserve and protect the tigers in this area, the Ranthambhor National Park was formed in 1971. Sprawled over the Aravalli & Vindhya ranges, Ranthambhor primarily consists of dry deciduous forests with the dhok tree. Apart from the tigers, other animals seen in the park are leopard, marsh crocodile, hyena, jungle cat, wild boar, sambal, chital, mongoose, monitor lizard and many varieties of birds.