Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, situated about 1000m above sea level is a cosmopolitan city. Veera Balla, a lost king was provided with baked beans by an old lady. In gratitude the king, founded a city and named it Bendakalooru which means the town of boiled beans. This tradition is still carried on today.

The present city, Bangalore was redesigned by a Magadi chieftan, Kempe Gowda (1513-1569) around 1537. He had constructed four towers in the four directions to mark the boundary of the city. But present day Bangalore stretches beyond this boundary. The place referred to as Benguluru in the Ganga inscription, is now known as Halebenguluru or Old Bangalore, in Kodigehalli, near Hebbal.

It is known as the garden city, with a pleasant mild climate. It is one of most important cities in India with the most prestigious scientific institutions, industries, electronic, computer companies located here. There are several fascinating places of interest in and around Bangalore.

Lal Bagh
The most famous amongst the many gardens in Bangalore, the botanical gardens of Lal Bagh stretches over 240 acres in the southern suburbs of Bangalore. It was laid out by Hyder Ali (who had overthrown the Wodeyars) in the year 1760, and was completed by his son Tippu Sultan.

The place derives its name from the lovely red roses that bloom here. There are several well laid out terraced lawns & rare tropical and sub-tropical plants. There are around 1000 varieties of plants and trees, some of them brought from other countries such as Persia and European countries. Some of the trees are centuries old. Lovely lakes, lotus pools and fountains add to the beauty of the garden.

In the centre of the garden is a glass house with an intricate crystal in the design of the Crystal Palace in London, where flower shows are held regularly in the months of February and August. There is an area of different coloured plants maintained by HMT in the form of a clock with huge dials, run by electronic quartz mechanism.

Cubbon Park
In this park full of flowering trees & plants laid in 1864 over 300 acres are a public library, High Court, Government museum, Visvesvaraya industrial and technological museum, Jawahar Bal Bhavan & a Tennis stadium. A toy train runs to delight the children.

Vidhan Soudha
is a four-storeyed granite sturcture built in 1956 that houses the State Legislature & Secretariat. Designed on the pattern of the old Mysore palaces, there is the influence of Hoysala art. The door leading to the Cabinet room is carved out of pure sandalwood. On weekends, the entire building is illuminated.

Tippu's Palace
This palace, which was the summer residence of Tippu Sultan is situated on Albert Victory road. Hyder Ali started the work on the palace & it was finally completed by Tippu in 1791. This palace built largely out of wood, with elaborate arches resembles the Daria Daulatbagh in Srirangapatna near Mysore.

The historic fort situated near Tippu's palace was built originally in mud by Kempe Gowda in 1537. It was later constructed in stone by Hyder Ali & Tippu Sultan. Much of the original fort was damaged, but it is still an imposing structure. There is a temple for Lord Ganesha inside the fort. On the outer walls of the temple, there are beautiful carvings depicting various postures of Lord Krishna.

Bull Temple
There is a temple exclusively for Nandi Deva at Basavanagudi, Bangalore. (Basava - Nandi in Kannadam). The Nandi idol is huge, measuring about 15ft in height & 20 feet in length. This structure in the Dravidian style was built by Kempe Gowda. This is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore.

Venkatappa Art Gallery
The art works by the famous artist S K Venkatappa are on display here. There are separate sections for his paintings, musical instruemnts designed by him & sculptures.

Visvesvaraya Museum
In this industrial museum named after Sri M Visvesvaraya are to be found several technicalmodels. There are also live demonstrations of engineering applications.

Government Museum
In this museum, set up in the year 1886, located adjacent to the Visvesvaraya museum, there are sections on archealogy, ethnology, geology, numismatics. Art pieces dating as far back as the Mohenjadaro dyas are on display here.

Ulsoor Lake
This picturesque lake is loacted in the cantonment area. Fibreglass boats, motor boats, sailor boats are available on hire for boating.

Places of interest near Bangalore
is located about 21 kms from Bangalore. There is a wild life sanctuary here (more than 100 sq km), a lion safari. Some of the wild animals to be seen here are bisons, boars, elephants, tigers, panthers and several bird varieties. The park also houses a crocodile and snake farm and a prehistoric animal park.

There is an ancient temple here - The Champakadharmeswara temple.

is situated about 25 kms from Bangalore. The Sri Satya Sai Baba Ashram is located here.

is situated about 30 kms from Bangalore. There is an a huge lake here with sailing facilities. It is a popular picnic spot. Govt. Horticultural and Dairy farms and the Indo Danish Dairy project are functional here.

Chamarajasagar (Tippagondanahalli)
This is a water reservoir supplying drinking water to parts of Bangalore city. It is a shady picnic spot.

Nandi Hills
This summer health resort is situated about 5000 ft above sea level around 60 kms north of Bangalore. This was the summer resort of Tippu retreat. Tippu's Drop is a 2,000 ft high cliff. It is believed that criminals were thrown down this cliff. There are two 1,000 year old Siva temples, one at the foot of the temple and one on top of the hill (Yoganandhiswara). The hill top can be reached by climbing 1,175 steps.

Other places of interest near Bangalore are the
Kolar gold fields
Muthyala Maduva (pearl valley) falls - 44 kms
Shivaganga water spring - 60 kms
Gangadhara, Honne Devi temples
Mekedatu - The Arkavathi river flows through a deep gorge here. Arkavathi joins Kaveri at Sangam. The Sangameswara temple is located here.

Places of interest in Karnataka

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