Places of interest in Tamilnadu

Trip to Mahabalipuram on December 5, 2007
Kotikkal Mandapam

This must be an early mandapam the pillars are plain (Mahendra type), the roof is also plain without any ornamentation and there is no deity in the garbagriham, not even a relief panel on the rear wall and the dwara palikas are front facing. (The dwarapalakas in the mandapams of later origin have been represented in three-fourth profile. The dwarapalika on the left is resting her left arm on a club & is holding a raised sword in her right hand. The dwarapalika on the right is holding a bow in her right hand and her left hand rests on her hip. Koti means Durga in Tamil and also the gate keepers are two elegant women, so this could have been a shrine to Durga.

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