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the many-splendoured delights of Ajanta compiled by Subramanian Swaminathan


September 2007

Inspiration at Home

The paintings of Ajanta, in style, in type and in technique, exerted their influence on Indian art for centuries to follow. The paintings in the Bagh caves in Ellora, in Sittannavasal, are perpetuation of the refinement of the great murals of the Ajanta caves.

Bagh in Madhya Pradesh

Sittannavasal in Tamilnadu

Inspiration Abroad
With the spread of Buddhism to Indian Asia Buddhist mural decoration initiated at Ajanta diffused into these parts. The paintings of Sigiriya in Srilanka, of Bamiyan, of Turfan in China and of Horyu Kondo in Japan are regional variation of the Ajanta idiom.

Sigiriya, Srilanka

Turfan, China