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Bhadrachala Ramadas

Ramadas was the son of Linganna & Kadamba ( sister of Madanna, a brahmin minister to TaniShah). His real name was Gopanna. His native place as seen from one of his own stotras, was a place called Nelakondapalli. his guru was Raghunatha Bhattacharya. His whole family was devoted to Bhakthi. Ramadas too sread bhakthi through his bhajans & festivals and was soon reduced to poverty. His uncle Madanna arranged for him to be the Tahsildar of Bhadrachalam. Initially, Ramadas forwarded the revenue of his division promptly. In his craving to renovate the Rama shrine, he started spending the collections towards the decoration of Rama & repair to the temples and surroundings & was soon put in prison for his deeds. In spite of all the sufferings he underwent in prison, his strong feeling that Rama was always by his side, kept him going and the songs that he sang in prison, reveal his ultimate faith & love for Rama.

Rama & Lakshmana in the guise of employees paid up his dues. TaniShah had the darshan of Rama too along with Ramadas. Ramadas has created the whole Ramayana story in the form of prose- poem, a Choornika. His mudra was Ramadas.

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