Saint Thyagaraja's
Ghana Raga Pancharatnams
Kana Kana Ruchira......
Ragam - Varali ; Talam - Adi3; 45th Mela Janyam

Everytime i see your dazzling face, my ruchi increases !

Everyday I see you with more love, my ruchi increases !

1. Your flawless face is like milk and it is very beautiful.

2. Sita, with her beautiful face sees you with her eyes with a shy feeling and to see that face of yours.

3. you have dress like the morning sun ! You have a neck which wears garlands adorned with gems ! Oh lotus eyed Kanna ! Oh the one with beautiful chin ! One with wonderful crown ! Whenever I see you wholeheartedly.

4. Did not Dhruva get happiness on praying to you. He was illtreated by his stepmother Surichi. He could not bear it and he meditated upon you.

5. Oh the one with kasturi thilakam on the forehead ! Oh the one who bestowed heaven to Jatayu ! Did not Hanuman, the son of Vayu praise your deeds to Sita in the Ashokavanam and on hearing it did she not think about you ? Like that.

6. Oh the one with happiness ! The wind which blows clouds of people who hate you ! The one who dwells in the minds of Jeevan, Muktha and other yoginis ! Oh the form of Chittanantha ! Garudavahana ! The one with Chakrayudha ! Oh merciful ! Oh dispeller of fear ! Sriragupathi ! To see you

7. With Hanuman who has love and bakthi towards you and who bears your feet as witness, with the king of Kailash Lord siva who enjoys your name as witness, also Narada, Suka, Sowkanar, Indra, Parvathi, Sita and other people as witness ! Oh the resident in the ocean of happiness ! For those who take refuge in you ! To see you

8. Oh the one worshipped daily by Tyagaraja ! Oh one with a face that is more beautiful than moon ! Oh the bestower of boons ! Everytime I see you my ruchi increases..

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