Saint Thyagaraja's
Ghana Raga Pancharatnams
Ragam - Arabhi ; Talam - Adi3; 29th Mela Janyam

Oh heart ! he has done what he wanted to !

He preached ideals but he changed them to do what he wanted to.

Charanam - He had spoken according to time and situation !

1. He deceived Devaki and Vasudeva and like that

2. He is the hero of the world. He produced the sacred Ganga. He enjoys music.

3. He did not fulfill the desires of Gopis and he bullied them.

4. He knows good and bad. He is worshipped by Sanaka, Sanadhana munis. He is the basis of everything.

5. He makes women to think about him always and finally makes them worship him. Also he made Yasodha
think of him as her son and made her kiss him and laughed.

6. He has love for his devotees. He is an ocean of good qualities, flawless. He removes the suffering in this
Kaliyuga. I meditate on him.

7. Oh Ramachandra ! The Raghukula inheritor ! One with sweet words ! Oh you rest on Adisesha ! You are like
brother for other women ! You have no birth ! Garuda Vahana ! Oh the one worshipped by kings ! Oh one with
pure body ! Oh lotus eyed Kanna ! I thought about you like this and I prayed to you, you did not save me.

8. Venkatesa ! One with brightness. Oh the one above everything ! You reside in the hearts of good persons !
You wear silk clothes ! You have bright crown and earings ! Hari ! While I was praising you like this, Oh Lord
praised by Tyagaraja ! One equal to Indra among men !

9. Came and said , " Great bakthas behave like this ". He accepted my aradhanas. He asked me not to be
angry. He advised me to bear my sufferings. The Lord who is capable of giving humility and peace and praised
by Tyagaraja, did not come near me but he did what he wanted to..

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