Saint Thyagaraja's
Ghana Raga Pancharatnams
Jagadananda Karaka......
Ragam - Nattai ; Talam - Adi3; 36th Mela Janyam

The creator of happiness throughout the world ! The beloved of Sita ! Victory be yours !

The inheritor of Suryavamsa ! King of Kings ! You are worshipped by the Devas ! You bestow good things !


1. Amidst the Devas, you are like the moon amidst the stars. You are flawless, like the Karpaga Vriksha for the Devas. You steal the pots filled with curd and milk. You have a beautiful face. You say sweet words. You take care of the cows. You are the Lord of Goddesses Lakshmi. You are filled with happiness. You are ever youthful and you help your beloved.

2. You were brought up by the amrtham from the lotus flowers which are the Vedas. You are like forceful wind that dispells the clouds, while you dispell the enemies of the Devas. Garudavahanan. You reside in the hearts of poets. Your feet is worshipped by innumerable kings of the Vanaras (monkeys).

3. You have a body that is as bright as Lord Indra's blue gem. You have the Sun and the Moon as your eyes. You are the father of the great Brahma whose greatness cannot even be imagined. You are all powerful. You rest on the Adisesha. You are worshipped by Lord Siva who humbled Yama.

4. You removed the curse of Gowthama Rishi by the greatness of your feet. You guard the rituals of your devotees. You have learnt the two great mantras of Pala and Athipala. You granted boon to Brahma.

5. You do the three jobs of creation, protection and destruction. You fulfill numerous desires of your devotees. You are handsome . There can be none equal to you. You are worshipped by Indra. You humbled the pride of the ocean king. You are the essence of the Ramayana which shines through its musical & bhakthi content.

6. You reside in the hearts of good people like the moon that rises in the sea. You have the Pushpaka Vimanam. Your feet is being touched by Hanuman's lotus hands that won over the demon Surasai. You control the bad tempered demons. You are eternal. You are worshipped by the four faced Brahma.

7. You assume the form of Lord Siva who resides inside the Omkara form, Lord Brahma and Vishnu. You killed Ravana, the father of Indrajith. Lord Siva with the crescent shaped moon on his head likes you. You show mercy. You protect those who take refuge in you. You create happiness to good people. You are impartial. You are the essence of Vedas.

8. You have arrow in your hand. You control the anger of the demons. You protect the Devas and brahmins. You have been praised by Valmiki, who is like a sun among other poets. You are worshipped by Tyagaraja.

9. You are the first person, son of the great king. You become slave to those who worship you. You killed Karan, Viradhan and Ravanan. You are sinless. You stole the heart of Parasaran. You are worshipped by Tyagaraja.

10. You have good qualities. You wear Pithambaram. You split trees. You have red feet. You have innumerable greatness. You reside in the hearts of great poets. You are the friend of Devas and saints. You are the Lord of Lakshmi who came from the Paarkadal. you are the Narasimha who kills the elephants of sin. You are worshipped by bakthas like Tyagaraja.

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