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DWARAM MANGATHAYARU - VIOLINIST.............(b. jULY 24, 1935)
Mangathayaru inherits th elegacy of the 'Dwaram' family fromher father and guru, Dwaram Venkataswami Naidu of considerable renown. She was accompanying her father from 1954 to 1964.

At the age of five, she began playing a quarter-sized violin. Studied under Varahur Muthuswami Ayyar and Sandhyavandanam Srinivasa Rao. Got her diploma in Music from the Maharajah's College, Vizianagaram and also taught there during 1973-74. A staff artiste, All India Radio since 1975. Her brother, Dwaram Satyanarayana and she were playing together and both had toured Germany, Holland and Switzerland.

SIKKIL MALA CHANDRASEKHAR - FLAUTIST.............(b. August 23, 1963)
Sikkil is famous as one of the prime shrines of Singaravelan. It was planted on the musical map of India by the renowned top flautists, the Sikkil Sisters- Kunjumani & Neela. Mala Chandrasekhar is the daughter of the latter. It was a musical home with Kunjumani giving concerts since 1939 and Neela from 1947 and both as Sikkil Sisters since 1962. Mala thus was a gift to celebrate the first anniversary of their joint debut. With constant practice at home and exposure to successive concerts of the sisters, she thrived under the joint training of both and by the age of fourteen, she was an accomplished flautist. Her debut performance was at Krishna Gana Sabha in 1980. A vibrant artiste, Mala brings into her rendition verve, vigour and artistry with inherited technical excellence of her elders and a polish that is born of having been suckled from birth with classical music of the highest merit and laya precision, a legacy from her maternal percussionist- grandfather, Azhiyur Natesa Ayyar. She plays along with Kunjumani 7 Neela as trio and along with Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi and Jayanti Ravikiran as the Triple 'V' Ensemble - Vina, Venu and Violin. She has been giving concerts all over India, for All India Radio & Doordarshan and sabhas. From the Home of Melody, Mala has entered the Home of the Queen of Melody, Dr. M.S.Subbulakshmi on marraige!
Titles & Honours:
Awards from the Music Academy, Youth Association 7 Narada Gana Sabha
Kalaimamani from Tamil Nadu Eyal Isai Nataka Mandram in 1995.

At school, he won prizes for singing and later won prizes for expert play on the mridangam in contest held by the All India Radio. Noticing his special aptitude for laya, his father, a teacher placed him under R.K.Ranganathan, tutor in mridangam in the school run by Karaikudi Muthu Ayyar. Later, he had his tutelage with Muthu Ayyar himself. He had ample scope to improve his expertise when he joined the Ganesh Vidyalaya run by Harihara Sharma.

A top ranking mridangist, he has pleasing play, rich artistry, virtuous and innovative styles, clarity and appealing rhythm. Connected with 'Sruti Laya Seva', Chennai, he is training a large number in advanced courses.

G.S.Mani is a versatile vocalist who handles pure classical and neo-classical with distinction and effect. He has a good, luxuriant and pleasing tone with resonance and is popular with the public.

He had his earlier lessons in music from his mother, Sampoornam Ammal and then under Babu Ayyangar and Dr.P.C.Sitarama Ayyar. He had worked as Assistant Director with M.S.Viswanathan for seven years for films and this has equipped him with a large repertoire of classical music in films and his demonstration concerts draw enormous crowds. His classical music is rich with raga, kriti and swara exposition in the highest traditions.

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