Profiles of practising artistes - D

GURUVAYUR DORAI - MRIDANGIST.............(b.July 12, 1935)
Dorai had his training in mridangam, under Plaghat Subba Ayyar and Palani Subramania Pillai, both renowned artistes and made his debut at the age of eight at the performance of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, who had a life-long craving to bring up young lads and help them. Guruvayur Dorai has been having a busy programme accopanying top artistes at sabhas, radio and television. Plays on kanjira too. He has anticipation and vibrant action. Was visiting professor in the University of Washington, Seattle during 1977-78.

Titles received :
Laya Gnana Samrat from the Association of Musicians in 1965
Sundara Mridanga Visarada from the AG's Office Recreation club, Chennai
Nal Laya Mamani from the Tamil Nadu Nalvazhi Nilayam, Chennai
Tal Vilas from Sangeet Peeth, Sursinger Samsad, Mumbai in 1982
Nadakanal by Nadakanal

Dr.S.A.K. DURGA - MUSICOLOGIST.............(b. June 1, 1940)
Born at Kumbakonam of S.A.Venkatarama Ayyar and Lalitha, Dr.Durga earned her Masters and Doctorates in Indian Music and Ethnomusicology from Madras and Wesleyan Universities respectively. She did her post-post Doctoral research in Ethnomusicology at Yale University, USA. She says that she has been recognised as the 'highest qualified woman musicologist in the world'.

Dr.Durga has taught Indian music and Ethnomusicology at the Universities in India and USA. She learnt music from her mother, a disciple of Rajamanickam Pillai and had further training with Madurai Mani Ayyar, Maharajapuram Viswanatha Ayyar, Ramnad Krishnan and Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna and has given concerts in India and abroad. Proficient in Hindustani and folk music styles, she has acquired a knowledge of other foreign styles. 'Her exquisite concert which won repeated applause included songs in twelve languages', says the 'Indian Express'. Dr.Durga has several publications and articles to her credit, besides compositions. She has founded the Center for Ethnomusicology, Chennai. The International Music Club, New York has awarded the title 'Skylark of India' to her.

1.Voice Culture, 2nd ed., Indian Musicological Society, Baroda, India,1997
2. The Opera in South India, B.R.Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, India, 1979
3. Research Methodology for Music, Center for Ethnomusicology, Chennai, 1993
4. Ethnomusicology-A study of Intercultural Musicology, Center for Ethnomusicology, Chennai, 1996
5.Indian Music in the Context of Independence, Center for Ethnomusicology, Chennai, 1998
6.Vallala Yakshaganam (Tamil), Lalita Publications,Chennai, India ,1978

DURGA PRASAD - GOTTUVADYAM.............(b. August 15, 1963)
Son and disciple of Allam Koteswara Rao and Premavathi, Durga Prasad hails from a family of musicians of Andhra Pradesh. Learnt Gottuvadyam from Kalasikhamani A. Narayana Ayyar. An artiste of the All India Radio & has been giving performances. Purity of style and rendition mark his play.

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