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Sharing amazing facts received thru emails

The Goddess of fortune will flee away from the resident of a house even though he is leading a princely life - if the following plants or trees grow in the periphery of such a house.

1. Agaththi (coronilia grandiflora)

2. Alari (oleander)

3. Nanthiyavattam (Nerium Coronadum)

4. Murukku (Indian Coral tree)

5. Erukku (Catotropis gigantea)

6. Paruthi (Cotton shrub)

7. Karungali (Ebony)

8. Aal (Baniyan)

9. Puli (Tamarind)

10. Kal-aal (Ficus Vireus)

11. Naaval (Jambo)

a second mail giving explanation

Instead of scaring people again in the name of religion if you can give a scientific  reason for not growing such trees it is better. So pl stop  scaring people.

Reasonable explanation for a few of these tress not to be grown in the house:

1.Oleander ( Alari) - It is one among the 20 most poisonous plants. Its juice is highly poisonous.

2.Baniyan ( Ala) - Any one who has seen a  real big banyan tree knows how it can encroach the entire house and destroy it. More over, it shelters innumerable birds and animals who will dirty the place.

3.Tamarind (Puli) - You know there used to be a belief in earlier days that ghosts reside in Tamarind trees, so any one who sleeps under that tree will get possessed by ghost/ get mentaly derailed.  Science has established that the tamarind tree leaves have a very high content of tartaric acid, which is released by them in the night and this affects the brain.

4.Jambo (Naval) - This again can grow into a very big tree and when it fruits, they fall down colouring the tops and walls of the house. (Note however, Jambo is a very good medicine for Diabetes)

Please remember there is no God who gets angry with Men/ Devotees. If any God does that then there is no difference between that God and me.