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Lord Vishnu being the protector of the Universe, comes down to the earth in some form or other to protect and save his devotees. The Lord says, that whenver there is an over abundance of evil on earth, He will take an avataram to restore the balance. In every one of his avatarams he conveys a valuable message. An asura, that is some form of evil is destroyed, restoring peace.

Further, the Dasavatarams of Lord Vishnu follow the theory of evolution as understood by us today. There is a gradual development in the complexity of form taken by the Lord -

fish in Matsyavataram (creature living only in water)
tortoise in Kurmavataram (creature living in water and land, an amphibian)

boar in Varahavataram (creature living only on land)

half man half lion in Narasimhavataram (evolution towards human form)

a dwarf in Vamanavataram (short statured human form)

an angry man unable to control his anger in Parasuramavataram (emotionally strained man)

the ideal human being in Ramavataram (the ideal human being and ruler)

friend, philosopher and guide (Geethopadesam) in Krishnavataram (to preach way of life and rule)

a man with occupational skills in Balaramavataram (sometimes Buddha is considered this avataram)

In Kalki avataram he is slated to descend on a white horse when evil becomes uncontrollable and thus establish the rule of dharma. (to restore balance in this current yuga)
Ashtalakshmi temple, Besant Nagar, Chennai