2017 Navarathiri Golu at Ms.Chandra's home, Texas, USA

Steps 5 - created to depict upanayanam function with blessings of  lord Muruga and Sringeri Saradhamba and gurus kripa kadaksham.

Step 6 - Chineese chetty palporul angaadi

Side step with gokulam park - the divine couple Radha krishna on the swing next to the rocky pond and swans and cows are listening to the lovely flute  music. 3d origami swan made by me few years ago next to the tree in the park.

Step7 - raasleela of Krishna with disney princesses as gopikas in the left and in the middle is animal kingdom.
Rangoli designs  with lamps and floating candles.
Devi Saraswathi, nearly 90+ years old.

Photo 7 - paper quilling tealight holders
Photos 8, 9 - rangoli design using pistachio shells

With Devi's blessings we did our saraswathi pooja and vijayadasami.
Chanted Lalitha Sahasranaamam with my close family and friends and completed this year's Navarathri.
- Chandra

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