Photographs of the Vinaayaka Chaturthi idols
September, 2004
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During Vinayaka Chaturthi, small clay idols of Ganesha are made specially for the festival. Devotees offer pooja to the idol at home & immerse it in water after 3 days or one week.

Apart from these idols for home worship, huge idols are created, also out of clay, beautifully decorated and displayed in the street. On a day fixed by the Govt., the devotees assemble at the beach in a procession and immerse the huge Ganesha idols. Depending on the size, the idols are brought to the beach in cycles, rickshaws, vans or lorries. The idols are taken to deeper waters in catamarans & immersed. The medium sized idols are carried by hand & the larger ones are lifted by crane to the catamarans.

Ganesha idols during the immersion in Fore shore Estate beach, Chennai

Photographs of the Vinaayaka Chaturthi idols in Chennai
September, 2004
on display
during the procession

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